Hot Shots

Topline Tennis is a registered Tennis Australia deliverer of the Hot Shots program. Hot Shots is the perfect way to start your little one off in tennis.

Played on a modified court with smaller racquets and softer balls which bounce to the correct height, Hot Shots is the most comprehensive beginners program for your 4–6 year old. Designed to introduce tennis in a fun and rewarding way, students learn the correct way to hit all tennis strokes and are shown the different elements of the game. Hot Shots is a great way to improve hand eye co-ordination which is so important for all ball sports

By tailoring the equipment and the size of the playing court, children have a higher success rate and ability to control the ball so instead of kids having to fit on an adult sized court we have made the court fit the size of the child. Hot Shots allows students to learn tennis quickly with success whilst having fun.